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My Mongolin Kuti May 12, 2013

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Excited, amazed, blissed, blessed, grateful, happy, wonder, even a little bit of fear…..

so many emotions flooding froth….

maybe i am finally here… 16 yrs, 17 this July… that is how long it took me to get to this place on the path…

but the kuti is finished, tomorrow they will paint the outside and of course the little touches i add over the years. but that’s the rest of the never-ending story…

This has been an amazing journey, i have always loved to watch movies of the catholic nuns sequestered in old secluded nunneries on mountain cliffs near the water’s edge and old Victorian castle like priories , and have always dreamed of being one of these silent nuns, but alas i was not catholic so yet another dream differed….

even when i stumbled on the path of the Buddha‘s Dharma i never thought i would take robes and traverse this path , i was just looking for a meditation practice. but those deeply rooted seeds that vibrated when i was a child every time i saw a nun or nunnery sprung forth, that fateful day in Derbyshire… and here i am, after years of bodhisattva work i can now sit back and contemplate, analyze and gather my thoughts on all i have done and all that i have not done.

finally there is time, time to take it all in, see where i am , where i have been, and where i go from here…  [finally there is time, let’s hope i don’t break my glasses  LOL] let me now if you get that reference 🙂

so here is my little kuti.  manifested! 6 months ago i stepped on to the grounds of Sain Nomun Monastery in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia and spied 2 old dilapidated buildings and said that will be the future site of Palmoling Nunnery, well we are half way there.  less that half actually i got big plans….. hold on to your hat!!!

i wont say much about the pix, you can see, before , during and after, will post pix after the paint job and after the garden is in and the completed outhouse.

till then.


huyse 010 huyse 011

huyse 018 crazy french doors were in what is now the  mud room

huyse 041 huyse 039 some one put love in the house! 🙂

huyse 012garden area

ok enough of the  before shots of the crappy inside of the house.

this is where my potty goes , and this is the guy building it

huyse 044 huyse 057 huyse 063 huyse 062

i donated my pretty door from inside the house,

huyse 069 my new front steps, i took apart an old wood desk and used the pieces to rebuild the steps, and covered it with the leftover lino from my main room.

Now let’s go inside for the, big make over reveal!

so the kuti is 24 x 24 and as you inter the door there is a mud room, i guess 6 x 12

then the kitchen area where the coal stove is, then there is an opening that goes in to the rest of the place where i have my bed and meditation space.

huyse 070 kitchen area

huyse 072huyse 073 meditation space and bedroom just after finishing the floor and walls

hyse 025 hyse 012 my place of sweet dreaming!

the mud room hyse 035  hyse 033 hyse 034

The  Thor Spot  hyse 032 inside, across from the stove

hyse 026 The office {at the end of my bed.} [hey that sounds like the title of a great book!]

Diningroom / kitchen hyse 028hyse 029hyse 030

And the  ‘piece of resistance’ ! [ you can go ahead and say that in French, it sounds better that way]

My altar!

hyse 019

hyse 021 Dorge – La  hyse 024 Geshe- La hyse 022 My beautiful Vajrayogini hyse 023  This beautiful Amatiyus was abandoned  in this house when it was a dirty crappy mess. i cleaned it up repaired the broken wood and now he has a place of honor at my altar to be loved for evermore.

Blessings, Long life and Unlimited Light!

hyse 015 Thor doing his morning Prostrations

hyse 027And last but not least my meditation Seat!

this is where you will find me!

See you along the path……………………..

Love & Light…………..


8 Worldly Conserns April 16, 2013

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The eight worldly concerns: fame, material gain, praise and pleasure; loss, blame, disrepute, and pain.
The Buddha teaches us to let these things go because when we give these things a place in our minds, in our hearts, in our brains, and allow them to be a guiding factor in our lives we can easily be used by others according to these minds. Those that seek to control us can see them outwardly and can easily bend us to their will, just by threatening to take away something that will make us happy, or give us fame.
We are attracted to half of these things and repulsed by the other. We get carried away by these things and can lose our course easily. Pleasure, fame, praise and gain all make us feel good, like the stock market on an upward swing. We may get a big head with fame, lose sight of our responsibilities with pleasure, rely on external validation with praise, or feel exceedingly comfortable with gain. These things delude clear minds.
Those of us who are Buddhist Clergy, monks, nuns, lamas, we cannot outwardly put on the act of doing Dharma work while we are inwardly only seeking to create more ways to gain money, fame, and power.
We cannot pretend to show a face of a great leader, while losing touch with the desires and needs of those we seek to lead.
It is important not to forget where we come from. Where we have been and how we got there. It is important to want for others what you want for yourself, and not to seek to make yourself rich and famous while keeping others down and poor. When we reach the top we need to remember those who are still trying to make a better life for themselves.
Always remember that you will pass those whom you walked on to get to the top, when you are falling on your way down.
Conversely, we can be carried away by the opposites. We can become absorbed in pain, our esteem can suffer from disrepute, feel excessively guilty with too much blame, and loss can leave with us with endless grief. Being swept away by any of these eight worldly concerns causes emotional instability. Train the mind in love compassion and bodhichitta. This is the teaching of the Buddha.

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