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Greetings Dear Ones, here we go again!
Change, Change, Change.
i hate it, i love it, i am always in it, the life of a nomad i guess,
i guess thats what i have always been, and what i will always be lifetime after lifetime. maybe i started this journey as a Mongolian nomad. maybe i will end it as a Mongolian nomad. well that was the plan, i came here to finish my life in mongolia, and thanks to others negative behavior that seems as if that is exactly what will happen. sometimes things happen beyond our control that work out for the best, even though it seems like it is the end of the world when you are caught up in it.
i think i handled my self well in this latest upheaval. but up upheaval it was. and again i get up dust my self off and carry on along the path.
so here we go again with change.
off to a new place, and new monastry, and a new provence, what will this bring? what new adventure is in store now?
as always we will see. life is a journey and trip and one adventure after another. …………………..
long live the process……………….


3 yr retreat. In no time flat! October 8, 2012

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Well here we are 3 months into retreat time. Summer vassa over. Time for a good ole fashion American winter.
As I batten down the hatches and hunker down for a long winters nap.
It is only fall. October.  And it is cooooold already !

The leaves are falling. And the brilliant colors are dazzling.
The dakinys are dancing in the sunset. And on the land as the wild white tail deer roam.
It is just the perfect setting for winter to bless us.
Prayers and dedications are sent out in honor of your holidays. That they will be blessed and bright.

The winter Mandala may change location. Soon. I will keep y’all informed.  I have been blessed to meet the Buddha’s and Bodhisattvas here in this glorious place. And am ever grateful for their guidance protection love compassion and infinite wisdom.
May the next leg of this journey be filled with never ending joy.


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